“The War”… Now we know what the meaning of this terrifying word is. Russia, with the help of Belorussia, has attacked our country. And now our colleagues, relatives, and friends are ready to give their lives fighting for the motherland.

We aren’t sleeping at night; we are shuddering from every sharp sound, spending nights at bomb shelters and underground stations, following the news, and praying for the ending of all this horror as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, we don’t lose fortitude. On the contrary, all of us are helping and supporting the army and the Ukrainian nation. Some of us have gone to the Armed Forces of Ukraine or Territorial Defense Forces; the others are helping to build roadblocks, some are preparing DDoS attacks.

The safety of our colleagues and their relatives is a top priority for SPD-Ukraine. Part of our team is safe. However, some people are still in combat zones. We are doing our utmost to help our colleagues, their relatives, and friends come to safe places and get all the needed support. Our offices, which are in safe regions, have become the shelters for settlers.

We are proud of everyone! We are happy to work and protect Ukraine with such unbelievable people!

Furthermore, we are sure many sunflowers will be on Ukrainian land very soon. And Russia, with its supporters, should follow the Russian ship.

Bogdan Khalyapin, со-CEO & co-Founder of SPD-Ukraine

Putin decided to copy Hitler’s plan (Barbarossa plan of 1941st year, which included 4 AM attack with the first airfield strikes and quick broad front offensive).

I believe he will end the same way as Hitler, but much faster.
We haven’t chosen the war, but we need to accept it.

Now I’m doing what I do the best – I am working, and the central part of income I’m giving to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And I know that many of our colleagues do the same way. So if the country decides that I am more valuable as a military man, it should be that way.

I also know that many of our colleagues contact the draft board and come to Territorial Defense Forces or support it without formal entering. Our company promotes consistent connection with Territorial Defense Forces and provides all the possible support.

I’m grateful to everybody who joined! Together we will win! Everything will be Ukraine!

And Russian warship should go f**k yourself.

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