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SPD-Ukraine company successfully helps its customers to increase profits by improving usability of their projects since 2007.
We help our clients to rise usability of services they provide. We make web-services more convenient, simple and logical in use for common users due to the proper arrangement of elements of design and control of the project.

Workflow in usability:

  • We define the purpose of your target audience, make up a perfect image of the project for your potential customer or user
  • Afterwards we investigate the users behavior. We mark all details which impede to users and don't allow them to do desirable actions
  • The next step is to input changes to the project, making it convenient and understandable for most users

The improvement of usability increases the customers loyalty and helps to set up steady increase of your project profitability.

Please get in touch with us by mobile, e-mail or Skype. We’ll help you to improve application usability. Our consultant will help you as soon as you contact us.