At SPD-Ukraine, we support and respect each other as domain experts, team members, and humans. Based on these values, we’ve started a tradition of SPD Awards.

SPD Awards is the opportunity to say thanks to our colleagues, pay our respect to them, and celebrate our achievements together. At the end of each year, we name people that inspire and motivate, mentor and guide, people we laugh and have fun with.

Every year we vote and select winners in six nominations. All together we choose people who are the brightest representatives of our company values.


  • For promoting friendly atmosphere in the company
  • For active assistance to colleagues
  • For an outstanding deed for the project
  • For introduction of innovations
  • For continuous self-development
  • For ability to inspire

Also, we have fun categories that change each year 🙂

We have our own SPD Walk of Fame that features the Awards winners of different years.

Every day we thank our colleagues for awesome work, cool ideas, and helpful pieces of advice. And once a year – traditionally in December – we do that in a festive atmosphere at the awarding ceremony.

Let’s have a look how it was previous years.




Great traditions for great people!

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