SPD-team members


years engineering

SPD-Ukraine is a place where everyone knows how to develop awesome software, does that great, and wants to do that better. We write more than code – we create solutions with business needs in mind. We want to be a part of innovations. To make that, we’re ready to learn and gain new expertise.

We feel free with each other and can be confident in the future, develop ourselves, inspire others, enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, and feel cared for. What is our secret? We have no secrets or any ‘secret ingredient’. Our team tries to make everything transparent and clear, always remain ourselves, respect others and do not stand still. We’re the SPD team!


Client success first

Create value and build partnership with clients. Be ready to go the extra mile.


Learn from experience and strive for constant improvement. Promote the highest standards.


Be flexible and open to changes. Think positively. Encourage constructive feedback.


Be dedicated and proud of your work. Uphold transparency. Put communication over hierarchy.


Think deeply and critically. Offer solutions. Don't be loyal to problems, raise a red flag.


Support and care for each other. Respect diversity. Cultivate welcoming & friendly atmosphere.


Our story started in 2006 with a couple of very motivated people and a small office. Those were the right people at the right place. Now our team of more than 500 great specialists continues to write our story. We share our common values, keep our promises, and respect each other. Now we have our own traditions which we celebrate for many years.

SPD Awards

At the end of each year we choose the winners in six nominations – altogether we choose the brightest representatives of our company values. We have our own SPD Walk of Fame!

Color Week

During one week, all of our team members put on clothes of one color. Color Week is one of the ways to show the integrity of our team. It’s a little splash of color from SPD-Ukraine!

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is less valued without sharing. We have Knowledge Sharing Day, SPD Talks, Tech Communities Meetups. And we’re active participants of external events as well.


SPD-Ukraine is a responsible business, and all of our activities are based on transparency and integrity. We always stay true to our principles and values – cooperating with our clients and partners, coworking with our colleagues, and interacting with different communities.

Responsible Business

  • Active member of IT Ukraine Association
  • Internal Anti-corruption Policy and Information Security Policy

Responsible Employer

  • Clear cooperation conditions with legal norms kept
  • Equal opportunities for career and personal growth

Responsible Citizen

  • Active member of Cherkasy IT Cluster
  • Co-founder of sport charity festival CherITy Fest
  • Founder of free IT education platform SPD-University

Responsible Expertise

  • Organizer of free education events – deep dives, meet-ups
  • Participator of leading conferences in Ukraine – FS Day, Devoxx
  • Cooperate with higher educational establishments in Cherkasy